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In 2013 circus company Ockham's Razor brought the show Not until we are lost to The Lowry. The show featured a glass tower with one performer trapped inside and another outside. The one inside climbed, turned and spun in his own world as the other tried to reach him through the glass, to befriend him and ultimately liberate him.
For 2020, the company have revisited this piece about the human desire for connection, the value of kinship and the hope we offer each other.
Performed outside for a socially distanced audience we bring our unique brand of circus back to Salford to reflect on the times we find ourselves in and the solace to be found together.

Born to Protest by Joseph Toonga

Born to Protest is part of a Hip Hop dance theatre sequel curated by Joseph to highlight black excellence. It responds to the relentless incidents that continue to occur today and simultaneously champions cultural identity and challenges racial stigmas.
Born to Protest is about occupying a public space to show the true representation of black men, the hypersensitivity of the black male body in space, and magnify that by a mass group of performers. On the one hand we see them as intimidating, dangerous and a unique breed, through the presumptions and supposed threat they pose in our society. Yet Joseph dismantles these presumptions, showing their fragility and vulnerability from constantly battling to prove themselves against the social stereotypes and the oppression of one’s self this causes.
Confronting individuals with their unconscious bias & Bridging a primal political conversation.

Born to Protest was awarded the Stomping Ground Commission (The Place, DanceEast, DanceXchange, Greenwich & Docklands International Festival) and will be in creation from March 2021 ahead of touring from May 2021.

Choreographer – Joseph Toonga
Producer – Emily Crouch
Performers – Cache Thake, Stefano A Addae, Tanaka Bingwa


This exploration of astronomy through dance considers the relationship between the visible, bright side of the Moon and humankind. Echoing the rising and falling of the tides, two liquid bodies change and morph under the influence of the Earth’s orbiting sphere: the Moon.”


  • CIRC1020LGA
  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford
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